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  • Your LifeStraw® purchase supports global humanitarian efforts

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Buy a LifeStraw online below. Your order will be fulfilled by Eartheasy.com, exclusive LifeStraw distributor for North America. For each LifeStraw® water filter you buy, one school child in Africa receives clean water for an entire school year.

You can also order over the phone by calling toll-free: 1-888-451-6752, or find a retailer near you, below.

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  • Sales of LifeStraw® help save lives around the world.

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    For each LifeStraw® sold, one school child in the developing world receives clean water for an entire school year.

    • A comprehensive program to improve school water quality results in a nearly 50% reduction in diarrheal illness.
    • Safe, clean water in schools results in a 42% reduction in absenteeism. 
    • In many developing countries school-age girls are tasked with gathering water; reducing this burden directly increases the amount of time girls are in school learning. 

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